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A Dallas attorney recommended Hal Moorman to me.  He handled our large and complicated family estate flawlessly.  Hal educated and advised us and kept us focused on the end result.  He was available, responsive and knowledgeable.  He brought about a fine outcome where there were many unknowns.  He has been involved with us for eight years and provides the same quality service on matters large and small.

More importantly, I can recommend Hal Moorman as “one of the most honest men I know, who always has my best interests at heart”.  Estate administration can be emotional and overwhelming.  I never had to worry about what was the right thing to do because I could trust that his advice was honest, fair, wise and in my best interest.  He is also a man of faith with a great sense of humor.  God blessed our family with an unexpected inheritance and an attorney we loved working with.  I highly recommend both!

Susan Newton

You handled everything in a fast and simple way.  We appreciate the way you take care of business.

Kevin Deramus, Director
Washington County EMS

Everyone from the lady at the front desk to Hal Moorman was so nice and helpful.  Hal Moorman was very thorough in discussing our estate planning with us.  We feel confident we made the right choice in choosing his Firm.

Roy and Mary Wisnoski
Navasota, Texas

You have stood beside us and guided us through us these past six years.  We have gained a completely different life with your dedication and patience.  Your greatest accomplishment was to keep us out of Court.  There were so many times when we could not come to an agreement, but you kept us focused on what was fair.  I am forever grateful that we could completely trust that you were working for our best interests.  I know how fortunate and blessed we have been with you as our attorney.  In particular, I always felt I could get clear and understandable explanations when I was not as involved and knowledgeable about estate administrations. Thank you for staying with us throughout these years.

Ann Koster
Corpus Christi, Texas

Thank you so much for preparing my Will and related estate planning documents.  This event was put off for way too many years.  The main things “done right” were:

  • You made me focus my decisions based on the present and the next couple of years, instead of trying to anticipate what “situations” might be twenty years down the road;
  • the professionalism of you and your entire staff;
  • the timeliness of document preparation and responding to client inquiries by email or phone;
  • the outlining (in writing) of your expectations of your clients and what your client can expect of you; and
  • the outside reading/reference material provided to assist clients in determining what is important to them in their estate planning decisions.

Linda Morrison
La Grange, Texas

Very professional, efficient and honest.  Very happy I chose your firm.

Molly Wooten
Brenham, Texas

Thank you for all of your support and hard work.  The past few years has probably been one of the most trying times of my life.  It was also a tremendous time of learning and growing.  Once again, thank you for your time and patience.  You have been a delight to work with.

Brenham, Texas

You and your firm were very knowledgeable of the needs of EnerVest in handling the receivership.  Your firm’s communication with me and the client was in a manner so that everyone was aware of how the proceedings were progressing.  In my opinion, Hal represented the client very professionally in the courtroom.

Dennis R. Engelmann
Caldwell, Texas

My telephone call with Hal and a complete explanation of my new Will – section by section – made me feel very comfortable about my Will.  Everything has been very clear and pleasant!

Houston, Texas

We appreciate your promptness in getting appointments.  The staff is always very friendly and cordial.  We respect and trust you and your advice. 

Sue Pruitt
Brenham, Texas

You made navigating through a difficult time much easier.  Your office was always available when I needed advice or action.  You were quick to respond to my requests.  I also appreciate your patience as I tried to grasp the finer details of the different options you presented for handling Dad’s estate.

Sealy, Texas

We were very pleased with every aspect of our dealings with you and your firm.  Everyone was courteous and professional.  You went above and beyond in taking the time to answer all of our questions and ensuring our documents were exactly as we wanted them to be.

Billy and Jamie Zbranek
Cypress, Texas

Very nice and professional service.  We felt very comfortable working with you and you did a great service for us.  Thank you for being so personable with us.

Patti and Dale

This was very well and efficiently done.  Cost was reasonable and the pain of the process was much less than expected.

Tiemann H. Dippel, Jr.
Brenham, Texas

I did not know what to expect on my first visit to your office after the death of my husband.  You and Lynette, made that visit very comforting.  You have both been very helpful this entire time.

D. S.
Brenham, Texas

You listened well to my needs and provided me an excellent understanding of the type of legal documents available to benefit my specific requirements.  I am very pleased with the quality of service provided by your law firm.

Richard Bechtle

The explanation of how accounts should be titled was excellent.  Our physician commented very favorably on the "Directive to Physicians."  Keep up the good work.

Robert Stogdill

Professional services, attention to detail.  Kind, caring attention to my mom.

Dudley Piland

Hired the right people.  Unfortunately, I don't remember names, but your receptionist, I remember she went to Baylor; and your legal assistant are assets to your firm!

Allyn and I both enjoyed dealing with you.  It's a shame one of us has to die to realize all of the benefits of your excellent counsel and advice.

D. D.