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Practice Areas

The firm provides our clients with a wide variety of important legal services which include:

Agribusiness and Agricultural Creditors’ Rights

Our firm has broad experience in representing all aspects of agribusiness in the farm and ranch economic sector, including defending product claims relating to feed, livestock, and crop damage from fertilizer and ag chemicals.  For many years we have handled collection issues pertaining to credit extended to agricultural entities, farmers and ranchers.

Business Law

We represent individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations in all types of business activities.  We can assist you in forming business entities that best meet your needs, including:

  • corporations;
  • limited liability companies;
  • professional associations;
  • limited or general partnerships; and
  • proprietorships.

We also can assist you with your business operations, including:

  • contracts
  • asset or stock purchase agreements;
  • buy-sell agreements;
  • mergers;
  • reorganizations;
  • dissolutions
  • collections;
  • commercial and secured transactions;
  • banking;
  • employment and personnel matters; and
  • deferred compensation.

Our firm has assisted many family businesses to transition from one generation to the next, helping to provide solutions for family members who are working in the business and those who are not.

Civil Trials and Appeals

When you have a dispute with another person, business, or institution that requires court action, our firm can represent you in any resulting lawsuit or litigation.  We have broad experience before the courts, including cases concerning:

  • personal and commercial contracts;
  • real estate disputes;
  • debt collection;
  • will contests;
  • contested trust and probate matters;
  • contested guardianships
  • breaches of fiduciary duties;
  • insurance contracts;
  • banking matters;
  • defective products or workmanship; and
  • condemnation actions (eminent domain), involving the taking of property from property owners by power, pipeline, and other public companies.

We are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration.

Contested Probate and Guardianships

Our firm is experienced in litigation involving probate and guardianship estates and trusts.  We represent executors and administrators defending will contests and challenges to the administration of estates under those wills.  We also assist heirs, beneficiaries, and other individuals interested in estates in  prosecuting will contests, demands for accounting, and other actions involving breach of fiduciary duty by the personal representative of an estate or the trustee of a trust.  Our attorneys are experienced in court actions involving applications for guardianship and actions by guardians appointed by the court, attempting at all times to balance the needs of the ward and the family members and others interested in the well-being of the ward.

Estate and Trust Planning and Elder Law

Regardless of the size of your estate or the nature of what you own, we can assist you in developing an estate plan that best meets your needs and wishes.  We provide a complete estate planning service, including preparation of:

  • simple and tax-planned wills;
  • living revocable trusts;
  • irrevocable trusts;
  • special needs trusts
  • gifts to family and charity;
  • pre-and post-marital agreements;
  • conservation easements;
  • powers of attorney;
  • directives to physicians (living wills); and
  • family limited partnerships and other business entities

We stand ready to advise you regarding the estate, gift, and generation-skipping, tax implications of any estate plan and the distribution of your property.  We also can prepare your gift tax and estate tax returns.  We will work cooperatively with your accountant, financial planner and all of your other trusted professional advisors.

We also assist people with planning for Medicaid services, including creating qualified income (Miller) trusts, lady bird deeds, and special needs trusts.  We can help with resolving disputes with family, care givers, and nursing homes.


We help guardians, wards, and family members in all aspects of the guardianship process for adults as well as minors.  We are experienced in guardianship proceedings as well as guardianship litigation, including:

  • applications for guardianship of the person and /or estate;
  • annual and final accountings to the court;
  • contesting applications for guardianship;
  • contesting the appointment of a particular person as guardian;
  • defending guardians who are sued for alleged wrongful acts;
  • suing guardians for alleged wrongful acts; and
  • transfer or termination of guardianship.

We also advise guardians and family members about a guardian’s duties and responsibilities and strive to help all persons involved focus on the importance of developing and implementing a consistent plan that best meets the needs of the person who is in need of assistance.

Probate and Trust Administration

We represent executors, administrators, beneficiaries and heirs in connection with the probate and administration of estates, including litigation of contested matters.  No matter what size the estate is, we can handle all legal matters related to the estate administration, including:

  • probate of will and appointment of executor or administrator (independent or dependent administration);
  • heirship proceedings;
  • handling of creditor claims;
  • preparation of inventories and accountings;
  • preparation of estate and gift tax returns;
  • estate distribution and settlement;
  • mediation;
  • family settlement agreements;
  • will contests; and
  • representing executors and administrators before the IRS.

We also represent trustees and beneficiaries in connection with funding, administering, modifying and terminating trusts, and in litigation of contested trust matters.

Real Estate and Oil & Gas

  • Our firm has broad experience in handling residential, farm and ranch, and commercial real estate transactions, oil and gas matters, and related litigation, including representation of:
  • buyers, sellers and lenders in residential, farm and ranch, and commercial real estate transactions;
  • lessors/lessees of commercial and residential real estate;
  • developers, builders, and lending institutions in the construction and financing of homes, apartments, and commercial real estate ventures;
  • landowners in litigation of title problems, easements, condemnations (eminent domain), boundary disputes, partitions, and other real estate problems;
  • royalty and mineral owners in the negotiation of oil, gas, mineral and mining leases;
  • landowners, royalty and mineral owners, and oil companies in determining title and providing title opinions; and
  • landowners and royalty and mineral owners in litigation over oil and gas leases, competing mineral interests, and the enforcement of debts and liens for drilling services.